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New Vehicle Acquisition Study (USA)

  • In June 2020, revealed that 30%+ of consumers would be comfortable buying their vehicle online at a time when only 2% of vehicles were sold online representing a massive opportunity and paradigm shift for OEM’s and retailers
  • In 2022, 30% of vehicles are now purchased online

Electric Vehicle Study (USA)

  • In the first quarter of 2022, conducted a study to understand what psychological barriers must be overcome and what opportunities exist to facilitate EV adoption in the coming years.
Study Highlights
  • EV adoption could accelerate precipitously with 40%+ intending to buy/lease an EV in the next 3 years.
  • That said, the rationale for acquiring an EV will shift and EV messaging needs to evolve.
  • EVs should NOT be sold solely online in the near term; dealer networks are an asset.
  • OEM’s should offer menu of options for charging but 2 years free is best received option.


  • In March 2021, conducted a global study of CIOs and CTOs. The insights revealed that while there are 3 psychographic mindsets of hospitality technology buyers, they are all focused on ensuring and selling safety and security to employees and guests.

Study Highlights

  • There are short and long-term immediate opportunities for Digital Tech Conference vendors.
  • Robot technology vendors have an immediate opportunity perhaps driven by the significantly decreased cost of all types of ‘bots’.
  • Mobile ordering and room service through 3rd party apps will be a focus in 2022.

Hiring Strategy

  • In August 2021 as the Great Resignation began, conducted a study to understand how to get people back into the labor force.
  • discovered job seekers wanted an a la carte benefits menu, i.e., benefit packages tailored to the individual.
  • Only weeks after our study was released, coincidentally, one of the top 3 largest retailers in the world launched a marketing campaign highlighting key benefit ‘categories’ and flexible benefits.