Revolutionizing Automotive Strategies:'s Insights for Tomorrow's Market

In an ever-evolving automotive industry marked by rapid innovation, emerges as the beacon for the automotive companies and dealers, keen on reimagining their marketing, communication, and customer experiences.’s Optimize solution, with its groundbreaking studies, has demonstrated its foresight and capability in pinpointing massive shifts in consumer behavior. 

The New Vehicle Acquisition Study from June 2020 highlighted that while only 2% of vehicles were being sold online, over 30% of consumers expressed comfort in buying their vehicle online. Fast forward to 2022, the online vehicle purchase rate has catapulted to 30%.

Our Electric Vehicle study in the same year underscored the potential acceleration in EV adoption, with over 40% of respondents indicating their intention to buy or lease an EV in the forthcoming three years. The insights drawn emphasized the importance of multifaceted messaging for EVs, the pivotal role of dealer networks, and the consumer preference for a varied charging options menu, notably with a two-year free option being the most favored.
Harnessing such forward-looking insights,’s Optimize is pivotal for those in the automotive arena, providing a clear edge in mapping out consumer tendencies and strategically aligning offerings.

Impact on Automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers):

  • Futuristic Marketing Strategy: Utilize insights from the Optimize solution to develop marketing campaigns that are several steps ahead, tapping into future consumer trends.
  • Advanced Communication Strategy: Refine messaging based on’s studies, ensuring OEMs are aligned with the evolving rationale behind consumer decisions.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Prioritize dealer networks and offer diverse charging options to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Impact on Automotive Dealers:

  • Personalized Customer Experience: Leverage to provide bespoke shopping experiences for customers, factoring in emerging online purchasing trends.
  • Strategic Communication Integration: Marry CRM data with the psychographic insights of to cultivate effective and individualized customer communications.
  • Futuristic Marketing Approaches: With’s data and strategic insights, craft marketing campaigns that resonate with the impending shifts in consumer behavior.
  • Sales Strategy Refinement: Engage customers by leveraging insights-driven strategies, ensuring approaches are in sync with the tides of market evolution.